program is designed to expose kids to industry standard software, teaching valuable skills to create a variety of games. Students will exercise their problem solving abilities and be introduced to different aspects of game design, such as coding, both visually and with Java, generating and designing new levels, and even creating and animating assets for their very own games.

Our Game Design

the program guiding students through a journey of exploration in gaming. We work together with students in brainstorming the perfect set of elements that need to exist in the game to make it super interesting so their friends will want to play it again, and again. And again!

During class time, we balance learning concepts about gaming (such as - what kind of game is it, Puzzle, adventure) and learning tasks on the software in order to bring these concepts to life.


Our method: We believe in a hands-on-approach where students take the lead with the guidance of our talented instructors. Our small class setting allows us to work with each child's skill level, encouraging originality, critical thinking and problem solving. All projects are unique  - No Cookie Cutter Solution! 

We start

once per week for one hour during the school year. During that time students will explore a variety of software that are age appropriate and serve a purpose on each area of game design, such as Java and Unity coding languages, visual coding, animation and asset creation. Our goal for the end of the year is that each student will have a functioning game that can be published online or to a mobile device.

Our classes are divided by age: Ages 10 and up.

We meet