is designed to teach students how to tell a story through computer Animation.

Although we emphasize the practical skills of creating the animation, we start out our Year-long -program teaching basic concepts in animation; such as storytelling, character development, squash and stretch, anticipation, staging and many more valuable concepts. We explore all these concepts using  open source software so that  kids can download them at home and start practicing.

Our program

We believe in a hands-on-approach where students take the lead in their journey and our instructors operate as guides to help them along the way.  We take a step by step approach of introducing new aspects of the program and reinforcing it before moving onto a new concept. With a small class size, we take the time each student needs to become familiar with the tools available to them Our classes meet once a week from September through May. 

Our goal for the end of the year is that each student will have a short animation movie that can be published online.

Our classes are divided by age: Ages 10 and up.

Our Method: